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Kelts Pub
... absolutely the most charming and authentic
little pub in Arkansas ...
Established 1995
Welcome to the home of Kelts Pub and Restaurant in Altus, Arkansas.  You'll find all the information you'll need to help you enjoy your first visit, or if you're a "regular" you can check up and see what's new and exciting!
Our pub is modeled on the spirit of the neighborhood Public Houses of the modern British Isles and reflecting the traditions of the ancient Celtic nations and regions:
       Ireland (Eire), Scotland (Alba,), Wales (Cymru),
Cornwall (Cymru ), Isle of Mann (Mannin), Spain (Galicia),
and Brittany ( northern France ).
And we won't, in good conscience and with apologies to the purists, ignore the lands that are home to the more contemporary Diaspora, including Irish and Scottish America and Australia.


Our Weekend Feature 

 Friday, August 15th and

Saturday, August 16th

Salmon in Capellini


 Our flaked, baked salmon tossed with angel-hair pasta and Dan's excellent Alfredo. And lots of Parmesan ... perfect!

Don't miss this very special dish.

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 Just so you tablet and
smart phone fans know ... 
We've upgraded and
supercharged our WiFi
so you can 
stream the game,
check Facebook, even
watch a movie 
on your portable device!
Bring it in, stay connected,
and enjoy
"dinner and a (___your favorite media event goes here____!") 
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The Most Important Everyday Details:
      Lunch ... 11:00 AM until 5 PM
            Monday - Tuedsay and Thurs-Saturday   ( Closed for Wednesday Lunch  Only!   We REOPEN at 6 PM for Dinner!)
     Dinner ... 5 PM until 9 PM ...  
            Monday - Saturday
     Sunday Brunch ... **On hiatus until staffing improves!  Stay Tuned!** 
     We accept cash, checks and all major credit cards.
     Sorry, no reservations.  Not really a pub tradition.
     Phone : (479) 468-2413
     Yes, we do serve children.  ( If you ask Dan the Cook about this, he'll ask how you want them prepared.  He's just kidding.  Honest. )    
     We are located in Altus, Arkansas ( See our  Directions page for details.)
    Or call if you wish ...
      ( Again, 479-468-2413 ). All our employees know where we are.  We hope. )